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Do you need help with getting targeted traffic to you website? Did someone mention to you to “SEO” your website so it can become more visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Our Phoenix SEO is localized to help your rank better in the Phoenix Metro area. Our SEO Company has been helping businesses in the Phoenix Metro area for over eight years.

Search Engine Optimization is a long term mindset to optimize your website or web presence by delivering useful information to people that are searching for it on Google. The reason it’s even called “search engine optimization” is you are constantly fine tuning your website off page and on page factors for the last Google algorithm updates. They have real time algos now and have at least 2 core Google updates per year if not 3,4, or 5 that they actually announce. In many cases, these core updates you can’t do anything other than see how the search result page changed vs. what is was before when you were on the first page and reverse engineer what they like now. That’s where our SEO Experts in Phoenix, Arizona come in. We help adjust and keep up with the updates to SEO and apply them every month to your site. The only alternative is spending money with Google ads and having our PPC management experts set up, manage, optimize, and track results for you as well.

Here is the definition of SEO and what SEO has become over the last few years is very complex.

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Honestly, if you don’t have time to read, test, execute strategies and follow the SEO industry daily and haven’t tried optimizing your website for search engines pre 2014, 2012 or later it will cost you more money vs. hiring an SEO professional, company, and agency.

To educate you on some of the fundamentals that go into search engine optimization that a professional SEO company will help you with if they know what they are doing.

  1. On page SEO – this includes making sure all of your website structure, urls, pages, blog, site, and page titles have unique keywords related to your business or personal website.
  2. Off page SEO – this includes website promotion, link attraction, blog content on relevant authoritative sites, citations, directories, social media shares, strategic link building.

Here is a great video from Google on Search EngineΒ Land an industry SEO News site. Also, they have a lot more factors the are involved in optimizing your website for search engines that add to our list above.

Also, a great slideshare presentation to give you even more insight on SEO/Search Engine Optimization. And if you want to learn more about PPC Management (Google Adwords, Search Engine Marketing).

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