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ppc management phoenixAre you researching what PPC Management is? Are you already aware of how PPC stands for Pay per Click? Do you currently have a live Pay per click campaign on Google that you or another agency or PPC consultant are managing?

Hopefully, we can help clear up some of your questions and possible needs to attract more customers via a controlled text ad on Google’s search engine that can be targeted via keywords, location, time and day.

Pay per click ads are the #1 revenue stream for Google and are one of the most tried and true ways of online advertising that are highly effective. It equates to over 85% of their revenue and over 50 billion dollars a year. It’s a service based on Google’s Adwords platform where you can target keywords that people are searching and show ads that you only pay for or use a dedicated budget on when someone clicks on the ads.

So technically impressions of your ads are free. Also, your ads are controllable and you can have multiple ads to see what performs best. This is actually part of our process to split test your ads to make sure you get the best PPC score or as Google calls it a Quality Score.

Did you know that having a company like ours actively manage and optimize your PPC account can save you money because we know how to get lower cost per click rates and can track your PPC ads better. In most cases, our PPC management fees are completely paid for by the savings we bring to the table managing your PPC ads with Google’s best practices.

If you want to learn more about having your Google PPC ads managed by Google Certified professionals please call our firm at 888-863-7421

We would be happy to share more information and answer any specific questions you have. Save time and money and call us now.


Top Benefits of PPC Management

  • Saves you time of monitoring, managing, testing, tracking, optimizing on a daily basis
  • Saves you money when its fully managed every day
  • Experienced PPC management professional knows what to look for, change, fix quicker than someone new to learning the Adwords platform
  • Allows you to focus on answering, converting the new leads that come in and give them best experience

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