Why You Should Start with a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

Most of the clients we help want quick results, their phone to ring, and aren’t really sure what the mechanics of search engine marketing, SEO, and PPC are or how it works.

To help we highly suggest using a PPC (pay per click) campaign(s) on Google to handle these needs and get more data to help influence other internet marketing strategies like SEO and Microsites.

Here is a quick list of why starting out with a Google Adwords campaign that is fully managed, monitored, and optimized each month and tracked with call tracking is a great foundation to online marketing success for small and medium sized businesses.

  • Real time data, not just estimated by keyword tools or planners
  • Controllable ads and ad text you can test
  • Controllable landing pages you can test
  • Call tracking with recorded calls you can listen to
  • Keyword data that isn’t just “research” it’s keyword data that is based on your current website
  • Controllable budget costs and better tracked ROI
  • For most small businesses, they want results, calls, sales and don’t have time to achieve organic rankings in their time horizon for the monthly investment they have just starting out.

We strongly believe starting an internet advertising campaign with PPC campaign management can create a solid foundation for your internet marketing budget. If you want to learn more about our PPC Management services call 888-863-7421



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