Why isn’t my site’s Google PageRank Updating?

Matt Cutts

There has been many blog posts over the last 6-8 months about Google’s PageRank Update that SEOs wait for each quarter to see if their website PR has improved.

However, nothing is better that hearing from Google’s Matt Cutts himself share his insight on Google’s Toolbar pagerank and why it’s not updating as of late.

Here he discusses the insignificance of the Google Toolbar update and how it is slowly going away and only being updated a couple times a year vs 4 times a year in the past. Also, he says its because of browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but really its another crack down on SEO, link sellers and buyers.

Many link sellers would use this as a way to sell links and buyers used it as an indicator to purchase a link on a website to help their SEO. The old ways are quickly becoming obsolete. No more buying links, building link networks, or using automated tools to game the system.

It’s time to advertise online with pay per click ads on Google or do real marketing and build a brand and earn your way to the top.

Update: Today October 23rd, 2013 Matt Cutts said no Google PageRank update this year and they stopped updating because it “broke”.



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