Google SEO Changes are Constant, Play at Your Own Risk

Matt Cutts was asked the following question by someone named “Shubhamstunter” in India.

Since Google is been actively updating its search results, it is hard for people to trust Google anymore. Should one start focusing on getting leads from social media other than search engine results?
shubhamstunter, India

Matt Cutts response as always is “Google is always going to keep changing the search results and that’s what you sign up for if you want to be a webmaster and do SEO”..

Here is the video of Matt Cutts elaborating more on the ever changing Google SEO landscape and his promise to keep making it tougher for people to spam Google or rank with older spammy tactics.

Also, in the comments I thought one of the commentors summed up the current SEO game pretty good.

He said, “technical SEO + content´╗┐ marketing + social media stuffs + natural link building = win the game of SEO..”

Currently thats what seems to be working for us and its more about quality than quantity.

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